The Momma...

Pretty PK

As I write this post, I am looking at my tireless, sweet Momma stuff the cushion form we made for the pretty chairs inherited from my husband's great-grandparents. PK (my Momma) has gotten to spend countless hours with me this summer, during Navy's time at sea. Each visit has been more fun than the last! With her help, the millions of little projects around my house have slowly gotten done in preparation for our move. We've painted, silver-leafed, and sewn... During each project she's been infinitely patient with all my decision-making difficulties. She's smiled and laughed and reassured me that I'm not crazy! I'm so grateful for such a special time together before our big move, and I'm so looking forward to her and all our fabulous family visiting us in Spain!
My first time at the sewing machine!

A house overtaken by projects!




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