Photographs in the Park...


I feel like it's rare to meet someone who speaks your same language in regards to humor and life outlook... I always treasure it when it happens...

When we first flew to our new home in Spain, I chanced upon an Instagram account filled with adorable shots of two little girls, taken by their lovely mother, Nuria. We started chatting and eventually I had the pleasure of meeting Nuria for coffee... Five hours later I left so much richer... I had made a friend! Not just any friend--This woman is AMAZING! She writes a brilliant blog called The Adventures Archive and you can find her on Instagram @soynuriaperez. I urge you to check out her pages. They are filled with fun photos and ideas for making everyday an adventure! She has great tips for moms and has brought many people together through her fun projects that often include mailing items around the world.

Moving to a new country was incredibly intimidating and I missed having close girlfriends more than I can say. I have been so, so, so blessed by my friendship with Nuria. She is encouraging, inspiring, hilarious, and has one of the most open-hearted outlooks on life I have ever seen. Not only is she fabulous, her sweet girls are clever, loving, and filled with joyful, mischievous spirits. They adore each other and have the cutest little elfin faces when they share a giggle!

Last week, we met in the gorgeous Retiro Park to take pictures, and the girls embraced all the loveliness fall has to offer.





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