Did you ever see Only You? Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr. flit around Italy in this fabulous 1990s romantic comedy which, even though totally ridiculous, has a place in my heart. There is this short segment which takes place in Venice. I remember losing my nine year-old mind seeing this enchanting city crisscrossed by canals and an older, slower way of life that even as a child I longed for. I've wanted to visit this city for so long, and a few weeks ago... I did. With the love-of-my-life by my side, and our sassy Poodle (who literally attracted picture-taking crowds wherever we stopped), we wandered hand-in-hand through the narrow alleys, popped into shops selling 'Venetian glass' imported from China, and ate buckets of pasta. It was perfect. Like, better than I could've imagined.

When you go, I have a few suggestions on packing... You will be walking everywhere. Venice was made for foot-traffic. Bring your favorite pair of leather walking boots, or shiny oxfords. Be fancy. As much as I love the style of Parisians, Italians have them beat. Tailored suits, silk blouses, and patent leather shoes... Not to mention the eyeglasses! So many bold shades perch atop Roman noses. It's fabulous. Though I felt perfectly dressed in my black-and-white-with-camel-boots uniform, I couldn't leave Italy without a pair of Italian-made sunglasses in a pastel/minty/lime. They are delicious and have this retro vibe that I can't get enough of. Make sure you buy some honest-to-goodness, made-in-Italy frames when you go! 

Though the colors in this city are warm and vibrant, there is something really special about a place where a black-and-white photo actually works today as much as it did in 1900... 




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