Since we returned home from our amazing trip, I've been taking it verrrrry easy, thanks to a severe concussion... A couple of days after we got home, I was cooking dinner and had the stove fan going at full blast. Now--This vent/fan is not delicate. It is loud. Obnoxiously so. It vibrates. A. Lot. I had placed some big cast iron pans that had belonged to my Grandma on the shelf above/touching the vent. Wellllll... The vibration from the fan caused the biggest pan to fall right off the shelf, and right onto my head! I am finally starting to feel a bit better, but it was pretty awful. Even now--over ten days later, just going for a walk outside makes me dizzy and tired. It feels like the world is moving a lot faster than my brain can process... My sweet Navy has been so gentle and has been taking great care of me. I just hate feeling so out-of-it! At least now, I can carry on a conversation without forgetting what we were even talking about!

Moral of the story: Don't be a goose--Pans belong on low shelves that don't vibrate!

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  1. I haven't asked in a long time - have you fully recovered, friend? xxx




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