Provincial Perfection...

So... Turns out spending the day in the French countryside in the famous Bordeaux wine region is pretty fabulous... Annnnnd crazy hot. So, so, so hot. Though the lighting was perfect for picture-taking (poor Navy had to endure me stopping to snap every few feet), this pale-skinned lady walked away looking like a sweaty lobster! It was worth it, though. 

Funnily enough--We didn't buy any wine! In one of the most famous wine areas in the world!!! We tried... We tried hard! Each of the billion chateaus we stopped at was being operated by someone either: A. Too apathetic to let us taste a sample and ring up a bottle... or B. We missed the mandatory 10€ cellar tour by five minutes and they were only running one for the day and refused to sell us a bottle without us going on the tour! Dear Bordeaux--Here's a tip, if you are in the business to sell wine... THEN SELL YOUR WINE! C'est la vie... Maybe tomorrow before we leave for Blaye (a walled city of wonders) we can convince just one winery to let us buy a bottle...


  1. Just finding your blog from Instagram! What a wonderful adventure you are having. You guys are so smart to choose Spain over California. You can never get such a wonderful chance again. My husband and I only wish we worked overseas before we had kids. Love seeing all your beautiful snaps! Enjoy!!

    1. Kim--
      Thank you so much! I'm so sorry I'm just seeing your comment! I've been laid up at home, after a pot I had placed on a precarious shelf came crashing down on my head! I can't tell you how blessed we feel to get to spend three years living in Spain... It's been such a rewarding experience and the challenges have been pretty minor, compared to what they could be! Have you ever been to Spain?




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