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Without a doubt, one of the very best things about portrait photography is giving people the ability to see themselves in a new light... Especially women. I think we ladies tend to have a far-too-critical eye when it comes to our appearances. So many times I look in the mirror and feel deflated... I wish I were a little thinner, had longer legs, a smaller nose, etc... But, when my husband looks at me, he wishes none of those things. He tells me I'm gorgeous, that he likes my short fingers, and loves my turned-up nose...  Under his gaze I feel beautiful.

Lately, I have started shooting boudoir sessions... These types of shoots have steadily been on the rise in the past few years as wives have started embracing the idea of gifting their husbands with a special gift just for him. Never have I enjoyed photographing a session like I do these. I love giving women the ability to view themselves as their husband sees them... Beautiful treasures, who are even more stunning than the supermodel we often wish we looked like...

Ladies--If you are considering a session along these lines: Book it! You will walk away from the session feeling gorgeous and your man will revel over such a special present created solely for his enjoyment. The best part? Getting to watch his eyes light up as he pours over your images will be a gift in itself...

Even if you are sans partner, I encourage you to look into one of these sessions sometime. I believe every woman is photogenic and deserves an afternoon totally devoted to being pampered, encouraged, and made to feel as beautiful as she truly is.
Consider it an investment in yourself.
It is worth it.
You are worth it.


  1. totally didn't know you had a blog! love all the photos girl! -gloria (@gloriacatherinexoxo)




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