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Recently, we zipped up to England, by way of France, and we hopped a ferry that took us across a very choppy English Channel. I kind of can't believe I just wrote those words. You see, my Father is from England. I am the only one of his children not born in the 'motherland' and for some reason, I've always acutely felt like I was missing a part of me because of that. Dad always tried his best to anglicize me to the max. So, I grew up of Maltesers, rather than Whoppers... Noddy, instead of Dr. Seuss... I was even taught to spell certain words the British way!

As a small girl, I visited, but I hadn't been back as an adult. Driving off that ferry onto the 'wrong' side of the road, I realized I was home. The feeling is hard to describe. It was almost as if I were looking through my camera at the perfect shot, and I suddenly clicked my lens a tad to the right and everything came into focus. It felt cozy, familiar, and just... Right.

We met up with my sister (who still lives over there) and her two kids (who are my age--I have a crazy and fabulous family tree) and all shared a gorgeous cottage in the countryside... We visited stately homes... Frequented pubs... And then... Stonehenge...

Truth be told, I anticipated Stonehenge to be overrated and boring, but it was incredible! There is something so moving about being amongst ruins placed with such precision and purpose by those long gone. It was mystical and magical, just as it should be.

I always tease Navy about how one day we will live in England... Before we visited, he would simply laugh and smile at me... Now, he chuckles and says, '...I would be ok with that, Heatherly...' I can hardly wait.


  1. Love this post!!! and Maltesers! Those shots of Stonehenge are gorgeous. xxxx

    1. Thank you so much! Maltesers are kind of amazing, aren't they?!

  2. Oh, Heather..I'm a goof. This is Jen! That last comment was from me, and of course, I don't know how to sign my name. !! xxx

    1. Haha! I just read this one after replying above!!!




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