Mad City

We have been in Madrid just over two weeks. It is remarkable so little time has passed... It feels so much longer. As we explore more and more of this city, we fall more in love. We have walked many miles... Over three hundred year old cobblestones, and down streets with shops that haven't been open more than a week... There is an electric pulse to this city that is intoxicating. Everywhere you look, you see life lived to its fullest. The Spanish don't live life indoors--Cafes are always full to bursting, fashion and design provide a feast for the eye, and young lovers kiss openly on corners... My favourite people to watch are the more 'mature' ladies of the city. Anyone with an extra Euro to spare owns some sort of full-length fur coat. They saunter around with fluffy dye-job hairdos, wearing low heels (even though many need a cane). Truly fabulous. This woman must have been at least 80 years old...

Our hunt for the perfect flat has been grueling, but we have made an offer and hear on Monday if they will accept! It is a penthouse with a fabulous terrace in the Goya area of Salamanca--Two blocks from Retiro park... Very weirdo European vibe to the place, but we kind of love it! The open floor plan is a rarity here, and though it's not in one of the old buildings with fabulous gargoyles, I would rather have a kitchen just off the living area (and not in the very back of the apartment, so the maid can sneak in), than 100 year old floors and charming leaded glass windows... Keep your fingers crossed for us!




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