Our new home (hopefully)...

Well, looks like we've gotten ourselves a home in Spain! I am pretty overwhelmed at the thought. It feels like so much pressure, since we don't really know areas all that well yet, but I think we are in a good location (Salamanca--just off of Goya) and we are only a five minute walk from Retiro, which is lovely.

The flat is ridiculous. The building was built during the housing boom in the 80's. In its current state, it is the type of crazy, 1980's penthouse that might appear in some James Spader film with dark undertones of cocaine addiction, Wall Street embezzlement, and people who have leopards as pets. It's kind of fabulous.

One of our conditions is that it ALLLLLL be painted a crisp white, so please imagine it as such. Thinking of having them paint the doors all white too, but in a high gloss, as well as the trim... Not sure yet... That would give it a more Mediterranean vibe--Very Santorini with the spiral staircase and dark wood floors...

HUGE open space when you walk in and the main room looks out onto this fabulous terrace that has a shade made entirely of vines in the warmer months. I hate that half wall, but there is a chance it can be removed... It has some odd nooks and such, but I think after everything is painted and fresh, I can make them cute...

The master looks out over the terrace too... It has a very open concept--The bathtub and double sinks are exposed to the rest of the room, while the shower and toilet are in a seperate space, and closed off (thank goodness!).

The kitchen is just off the main room--I'm not in love with having the kitchen be in a totally separate space, but it will work just fine. I love that it is right off the living/dining room and not down some endlessly long, narrow hallway past the bedrooms. The landlords pointed out that it is ideal for our maid. Maid? Yes... Maid. Apparently most people with our budget have one in Spain--which explains why a lot of the places we looked at had itsy bedrooms adjacent to the kitchens (maid's quarters).

The stairs lead up to a cozy, attic-like space with windows slanted from the roof. There are three bedrooms upstairs and and very spacious landing, that would make a great TV room.

One of the bedrooms is covered with this absurd elephant print fabric, but we want to leave it, since it is so bizarre... PLUS! This will fulfill a longtime dream that we have a room we call 'The Jungle Room' just like Elvis had at Graceland! Can't wait to decorate this room in the most ridiculously chic jungle way possible!

The other two bedrooms are big and have the slanted windows, just as the landing. They share a 'jack and jill' bathroom, while the Elephant Room has its own.
So... That's the crazy penthouse! We love that the upstairs can be entirely for our guests, while we can live in the downstairs. It has an amazing storage space (VERY unique for Madrid) and we think it will be an ideal spot for us, since it is still in town, but on a main street heading out of town, making Navy's commute quick and easy!
What do you think? Will you come stay with us?


  1. Ohmygoshheather. So incredible!! I wish I were there RIGHT NOW

    1. I wish you were too, Leah! SOOOO badly!

  2. THIS. IS. FABULOUS! I can't wait to see what you do with it!

    1. Thanks, Steph! It's definitely needing some work, but I think it'll be something really unique and cool when it's done!

  3. Heather!! what an unbelievable space. The floors and that terrace have me gobsmacked. I would love to see every detail of the place now that it's been given your special touch. Gorgeous! xxx




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